Hi I'm Tiffanie

Thanks for checking out my site.

 I’m a mother, food lover, caterer, personal chef, and a wanna be foodie travel pro.  

I'm a Michigander by soul, and a Floridian by heart.

After putting 15 years of culinary experience under my apron,  I started my own business in 2014  in beautiful Naples, Fl.

 From fine dining to scratch home style cooking,   I’m creating delicious recipes, and catering amazing events.  

My passion to your plate.

It's time to  make some memories with family and friends.  What's your foodie style?

There's always a reason to get together, eat well, and celebrate. 

Let's talk delicious!

I'm excited to make an event to remember!

Time to get the party started!

I'm looking forward to meeting you. Talk to you soon!